The sensibilities in making sure every really is in order before mounting a horse

Bet you think this a post about not making a girth strap tight enough… But no!

There was this mad woman out across the paddock on her trusty noble stead. Doing the usual exercise routine of walking, then trotting and cantering. But something wasn’t quite right! She was ranting and raving and carrying on! Loudly. Something along the lines of needing to take better care to get the washing done… Her face distinctly grimacing as she cantered on her horse. 

Now, why would washing be important to a horse rider? Allow me to enlighten you dear reader. A woman’s wardrobe most times has a selection of under garments that serve different functions. There’s the going out stuff that’s pretty and nobody sees. There’s the everyday gear that’s not so pretty but a tad more comfortable? And then there’s the items that hold everything firmly in place for things like soccer or other such sporting activities. There are probably more  we could as to this imaginary wardrobe, however I hope you are getting an idea on wear this is going. 

For low and behold, the cool sports hooter holders were wet on the line when the time came for bouncing gracefully up and down in the saddle that afternoon. And the back up garment just wasn’t preventing the full force of physics wreaking havoc on the poor rider’s upper body: up and down, ker-thunk, as she rode. 

And so it is, you might get away with the wrong jeans when riding, but if you’re blessed with an ample handful and want to ride, make sure your washing doesn’t conflict with your horse riding. Cos it hurts. And you’ll definitely know about. 

Meanwhile enjoy this picture of the most recent page completed in my colouring book:


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  1. So somtimes the ample handful can be useful for breaking a fall….. preventing cracked ribs,
    The result -a multicoloured handful

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