Doing Nothing on the weekend with my cousin: or perhaps better titled How to make A planner calendar

I spend a long weekend with my wonderful cousin.

But what did you do?

Mostly we just enjoyed each others company. No need for events and activities. We seem to have similar crafty/arty tastes, and can agree on a lot of topics and there are so many topics to discuss!!!

Kelsie loves visiting my cousin also. Before I can even get my self out of my car, She’s out like a shot and play tag with Jazz the kelpie, running laps of the house and yard.

We ate chips and Crumbed chicken, Stacked papers for Ruthie’s paper run, watched youtube.

On Sunday afternoon I created this: A calendar for May.

You’ll need two sheets of paper cut to fit your planner. And some bits and bobs that look good together. I’m using mostly the KaiserCraft Indigo Skies collection with the addition of a couple of gold paper doilies.
Cut some 3 cm squares of paper. I have 31 numbered day squares for May and 7 more to label the day columns so thats 38 squares which is wrong anyway because I get artsy further down the track. I laid them out to get a feel for fitting them on the page then started gluing…
See those gaps? Artsy stuff right there! Those holes are still days. I just didn’t want to lose all of the gorgeous doily pattern. I’ve added some stickers and cut outs here, filling in the spare space and trying to maintain the integrity of each square.
Number Up…
Tah-Da! Added my Day titles and scripty “May”… yes I know Friday and Sunday are missing but I figure I’m Intelligent enough to know whats missing there, this is only an exploration and not something for public viewing. Which is why I’ve shared it here… but in fairness to myself, the pen would write nice on the gold paper.

I was keen to play with as much of the Indigo Skies papers I have. Whats the point in having these papers in the first place if not to play? So here you see I have created 4 weeks of planner inserts to use during May.

It was fun matching the double sided paper with itself to create the spreads and I am still thoroughly engaged with all things Indigo.

Hope you enjoy…



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