Day 22

A day for sewing. I made another tunic. This one is for my niece. It is yellow and pink with plenty of lovely patterns and features her favourite animal owls. I have included with this tunic a pink sash made out of the cut off bottom of the shirt, and a double sided bandana.

A size 3 dress made 4 weeks ago (maybe even 5 or 6), and today’s size 8 dress.
Using the reflective tape removed from the original shirt and putting it on the back for extra visibility.
It was important to me that there was a pocket on the skirt.

Author: Jess

I am an ILLUSTRATOR (unpublished except for this page here) a COOK (feeding the hungry, to be as independent as possible and paying my own bills) and a COLLECTOR of INDIGO, stars, rainbow and paper.

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