The first and second days of autumn.

Today I did not much which was nice.
What I did do was drawing which you will now benefit from as I recount my adventure of yesterday:


Jess and Stace asked if I wanted to go look at the river yesterday afternoon. Of course I jumped at opportunity to see a bit more of the station.
So into Jess’s car I hoped and out to the main road we drove.

We made it to the Georgina… Which is represented in the iPad painting above. (Sorry guys my camera wasn’t in my pocket…) I’m pretty sure I have not heard water moving like that before and I grew up next to a creek… Sounded like dollopping bubbling running water.
The plan was then to go look at the Longreach river but we didn’t get far… down the road the flood way was still flooded so instead we got out and waded thru it to the next flood way. The girls took some pics of their own and back we went.

It was a good day…

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