It’s the middle of the week…

Yesterday did not end how I wanted it too.

It was not helped by the lack of sleep the night before but I had a few culinary disasters with the evening meal which only I know about and left me cross with myself.

But a good night sleep works wonders. I set the imperfections of tuesday aside and considered wednesday a whole new day.

In this new day I went with Narda to see the river (the station keeps a log of how high the river is for BOM). The Georgina is 4.2 m high. This means that you can’t actually  go to the river, you can only go to the closest chanel to read the river level.

We drove along a ridge to the marker and I got to look out across the  landscape  at flooded channels. And now I get why this country is so good for cattle, and why it’s called channel country.

It truly is magnificent to see the sun shining on the flood waters early in the morning (7:45 am) and the beautiful green appearing out of the red dirt.

I can report that Yes! we are stuck in, and the veggie order and mail (thanks family) from Saturday arrived in the station plane this morning. So I have done a bunch of sorting in the cold room and we’re set for good food a while longer…. we had run out of tomatoes, carrots and were low on onions.

The rain has gone



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  1. so when it flows the Georgina flows into Lake Eyre, Wiki says that it is the driest of the three rivers that flow that way, but it has been known to reach 6m
    so hopefully you are not in for a flood that can hang around for weeks

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