Time flies when you’re having fun.

My cousins baby is 2 months old…
And I’ve been employed 2 months.

This week has been a busy week on the station.
There’s been a killer, there are horses being tamed and shoed. A water tank has been installed… All this while I’m doing the same thing I do… Making a foodie messes then cleaning it all up, and loving it.
I’m cooking for a few extra at the moment.

This morning I chopped up a heap of meat ready to mince later.
Is weird that I thoroughly enjoy this butchering aspect of the killer? I’ve been looking forward to it for about 2 weeks.

Tonight I’m making satay sausages.
I did a meal plan but Thursday or Friday always came up blank. I figured on doing a stew one of the nights, but the other kept on being a question mark. But I have a plan so that is good and I feel better about it.

I still get ping-ping brain. I can have 2 or3 things I’m trying to do and I end up standing in the middle of the kitchen trying to work out what it is I suppose to do. Or at night after falling asleep at 9 pm I’ll wake up at 1:30 am thinking about all the things I need to think about… And not go back to sleep. Nights that I do that make for longer days I can assure you… And no it’s not nerves. It’s ping-pong.

It’s getting cooler… The mornings are nice and once the sun is up, I like to turn off the big kitchen air conditioner and open up all the windows. (Doing it before sun up means an unnecessary amount of bug removal.)
Looking forward to weather cool enough for tshirts under my work shirts… Then I can wear my favourite invisible rainbow braces…

This is a quick painting of this mornings sun rise.



2 responses to “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

  1. “Wow” said Ana, “she’s getting better”
    I think it’s marvellous you have time and feel inspired to paint.
    I guess how could you not paint when you see such beauty and colour all around you

    • Improvement comes when you have a reason to paint, like a need to at least put something in the post. The painting also is done on the iPad.

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