The plan

15 min skeletal sketch using google bones and real life riders on horses

The plan is to go to a campdraft. This station cook does not want to be just a cook.
What is a campdraft? Wouldn’t I like to know… Google says it’s an aussie sport where a rider and horse have to get a beast from point a to point b in a certain way…. You can google it too. This one will be at yelvertoft station. You can google that too.

The plan is to take my journal and iPhone camera. And like I used to do with Rosie’s physical culture lessons, try to do a bunch of quick sketches.

So taking what I learnt in drawing lessons while doing graphic design, I started researching horse skeletons.

And I have a new respect for anyone who rides bareback…
Look here…

See out here there are a lot of bendy trees, a few dogs and horses and cattle to draw… So I’d better start practicing.
And I might need a clipboard. I think I forgot mine.

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  1. I hope one day you do get to ride bareback. It is quite a challenge but great fun, if u on don’t keep falling off.

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