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Cartoon JessHello. My name is Jessica.

I  am a farmer, and farmer’s wife, a very employable cook and a person who’s happy place includes drawing. 
This is Paper Thumb Tack: a place where I share parts of my artistic life. A virtual cork board with unlimited thumb tacks to pin bits of digital paper for general display. 
If you like the art you see here, feel free to get in contact with me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hello Jessica, I enjoyed reading your posts. When I embarked my short time as a cook on a cattle station I searched for information and found very little, so the information you are sending out will prove invaluable to many for years to come. I loved my 4 months out near Tambo but as a mother of five and Grandmother of three, I found that I missed my family and have moved on to a job where I get to go home on a regular basis. I miss the life on a station and often look at what vacancies are around with a wistful sigh. I understand what you mean when you say that you don’t miss World news. And it is amazing what you get used to as ‘normal’, you have to step back sometimes and remind yourself that people in the other world (city folk) would be and are amazed at ALL that you see and do, so keep those observations and stories coming.
    Cheerio Denise

  2. Hi Jessica, have just discovered your blog, and loving it. My husband and I quit our jobs a few months ago, and hit the road with our van after a life less ordinary. We are too young to be grey nomads and have to work as we go. We are both interested in finding work as a Station Cook and Bore Runner. My husband is very handy and a jack of all trades. I haven’t worked as a cook before, but always cooked for a big family andsome functions. I have always been a big fan of menu planning. For now we are caretaking a small cattle property near Emerald until the end of September. So I am am busily try to get whatever info I can on these positions..I would be grateful for any advice you could give me.
    Keep up the great work with yhe blog
    Cheers Vicki

    • I work for NAPCO.
      They have a recruitment page on their website…
      I come from a large family. But one thing I will say about cooking on my station is
      Cowboy cookies… I’d better get the recipe up eh? 🙂
      And proper veggies at main meals (not salads too often.)
      Ringers work really hard most days and they need more food than you would expect.

      Giving advice is a new thing for me as I’ve only been at this 6 months and I’m still learning myself. Also my current position is a slightly different one to the other NAPCO cook positions as I have supporting coworkers.

      I will try to keep posting.
      Especially now I’m collecting a bigger audience than just the ppl I already know.
      Keep the comments and question coming… I am starting to loose track of what the city might not understand.

  3. Hi Jessica, my name is Pete, and I came across your profile elsewhere. I have come to your blog and I am really impressed with your get out there attitude and take on life at 100 miles an hour.

  4. Hi Jessica, Im Michael. Wanted to have a chat with you and possibly meet up for a coffee? I think we live in the same suburb if the website i was just on is correct……hahahaha

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