Day6 #100day challenge

Yep. It was a crazy, busy day at work… but a really good one.

I nearly didn’t have a break, but managed to sneak in a bit of Apple Pencil time.

Not much as changed, but then I only gave it 30 mins at lunch and little bit in the morning before it was time to get ready.

I am calling it quits on this pic. I’m not sure I like it. But is was good practice nonetheless. It is none directional.

Day 5 #100daychallenge

A non roadhouse work day. So I made time to draw this. I started with a apple maps screenshot, And traced it. I then doodled some ideas of flora I could put in the spaces. I also considered whether I want to pay attention to the state borders or national highways. In the end I considered that the only thing I should try to do is put the Waratah on the eastern side and the kangaroo pause on the western side and let everything else fall into place from there. I started with the three circular gum nuts.

The idea behind this piece is taken from a T-shirt my sister found of a fine line drawing of each of the states official flora superimposed on a map (with states). Part of the process of honing my current design series has been from a place of exploring what it means to be a non-indigenous Australian. How do I walk the line of respect for the indigenous people of Australia whilst still finding a place of inclusion for all people born in this precious land.

I fully expect tomorrow’s post to be far less impressive as I expect to be working incredibly hard cleaning something at work.

Day 3 #100daychallenge

Worked on this abstract art piece. I started it weeks ago with a swirl and have been filling in the sectors with opposing direction patterns.

It was started in response to this art work that is not finished but done completely on my iPad in Procreate (an app for illustrations)

This piece is part of a series I call my lead lighting artworks inspired by my home(s) in Australia. It relies on very heavy line work.

In the yellow piece I wanted explore the idea of having softer lines using the pencil cursor tool. I hope to work on it more tomorrow.

I also made more masks for my WA family. Sewing is good practice for making tunic/dresses. More on that later.


The internet can be a place where we get sucked into the worm hole of procrastination and distraction, a time numbing warp of nothing much. It gets me more often than I’d like to admit.

The internet can also be an inspiring place. Every year there is a non specific group of humans who commit to engaging in a challenge known as the #100dayschallenge. The premise being that to become proficient at a task or activity we must do it repeatedly. Some paint, some draw others craft or play an instrument. Some event commit to reading books more.

I’ve looked on often wishing I could at least have a go. And finally this year I think I might have found a way to do the challenge I’m a manor that suits me; 100 days of sharing how I’m trying to grow. I’m going to Grow my business ideas. Grow my sewing skills, grow my artwork sets, grow my confidence in larger art, grow my savings for business set up costs. Just grow. And hopefully I’ll share it all with you my audience either here or over on according to where the growth fits.

So. Here we go.

Day one:

Sewing: for the last 3 Sundays, I have spent time sewing with my youngest sister via phone conference. She sews her project(s) and I work on mine. So the morning project I embarked on was a zipper pouch made from an old pair of jeans in the shape of a miscellaneous dinosaur. Unfortunately my workmanship leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sewing and it really shows on this item. However I had fun developing this little guy in my mind and bringing him to wonky life. Unfortunately his pouch body is too small to hold pencils as I had hoped… unless your the kind of person who might sharpen or cut them down to fit, or in possession of those incredibly useless tiny kids crayola pencils/crayons.

Then WA went into lockdown and I was called upon to make masks for my sister, shown below.