9th May 2019

Good afternoon everyone. Today I fed my poddies more veggie scraps. They nearly fight over them. I think they are healthy and growing good winter coats. Cowpurnia is leading well on the halter. Just need to get some more kids to visit her and train her up for petting at our wedding party. I also spent time doing home-keeping tasks like the washing up and tidying the kitchen.

Painted a little more today too.

It’s getting quite cold now. Tops of 21 °C and 3 °C overnight. So I’ve pulled all the shorts out of my waredrobe and packed them away for storage. And I’ve found my sheep skins and wool blankets and started using the wool doona.

I do love winter. But winter in a shed is not easy.

Both Parker and I wonder if we can make wool track pants to stay warm while eating our dinner after work.

8th May 2019

Skillshare day.

I’m in town with my Parker man. He must work on restoring a titan.

So I’m using the time to do a Skillshare class. Skillshare is an online membership based learning platform.

Here is my piece

In January, I decided I wanted to push my art closer to having a business out of it. Then I got an all consuming job instead. So now I’m working on it today.

The dog is eating cheese in bed.

31st December 2018

New Years Eve.

Went down to my sisters and started watching Lord of the Rings. Ate prawns, chips, maltesers and pizza and: vegemite shapes. Yummo

Kelsie really is a stubborn animal, she refused to get off the bean bag, irrespective of whether Parker or I shifted her off or not. She’d just climb back up.

She thinks I ought to get her one.

Had fun drawing while the triology played on.

Of course one does not simply watch lord of the rings without also viewing this YouTube video:

28th December 2018

Rose arrived today!

Sadly I had 1000 cattle to go sort out. They had a mini stampede. There was 600 in one pen and they are supposed to be spread across 3.

Lucky for me my Parker found my sister at the airport and we had lunch together at Bindoon Bakehouse.

Then eventually we made it home and got the most important throngs sorted: art is on the table

25th December 2018

It’s Christmas Day

After a wonderful, long, drug induced sleep, I woke early enough for it to be sane-o’clock. So instead of 4 am, it was 6 am.

I fed my poddy. He’s looking good.

He might be Moo-dini (as in Houdini the great escape artist poddy who can’t be tied up with rope), and he might be Ham (burger mince). Not sure yet. He must behave well first.

I had a wonderfully slow morning that lasted almost all the way thru to 4:45pm. Lunch was in there somewhere. Chicken and salad.

I made mixed fruit slice. Apparently it’s better than mince pies

I ate mince pies tho.

Then we started the final event of the day. Parker’s mother is part of a large family. And even now they all come together regularly to celebrate Christmas. So it’s not the Parker Christmas bash, it’s the mad Rover drivers Christmas bash. (Legend has it this family between them owned 26 Rovers at some point)

I was also able to catch up with my WA-ian sister at said same event.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pod-pod stole their hearts.

9th December 2018

The harvest has begun. Huzzah! What a relief to know that Parker is now able to get the crops in.

I have prepared for the week: we’ll be eating pan heated potato, cauliflower and cabbage, lamb (roasted today) or fish (shouldn’t take long out of the freezer).

I have further prepared Gifts for 2 sisters.

I drew the image above and look forward to colouring it.

2nd December 2018

As has been our habit on Sunday morning, I got up early to do art with my sister this morning. Today, I kept it simple but pulling out my COPIC markers and colouring in a sheet of scrapbook paper purchased from my cousin last year.

We talked for 3 hours! Which is normal.

Then I had brunch with another sister in the shed. We enjoyed bacon, French toast and mushrooms. She brought her dogs so we took them for a wonder in our creek line and watched them get covered in boggy marshy creek mud.

In the afternoon, we indulged in a nap.

And then, a momentous occasion for Parker and I and our shed life: we each had our first shower in the shed!

It was cold water only, but the sun had warmed the pipe and it was 29 °C outside. It was lovely. Good to get clean and wrangle my hair back into plaits for the coming week.

The shower is made using an old water tank, on a pallet so the drain away pipe has room. There is a concrete base in the cut out tank.

Very civilised!