Day6 #100day challenge

Yep. It was a crazy, busy day at work… but a really good one.

I nearly didn’t have a break, but managed to sneak in a bit of Apple Pencil time.

Not much as changed, but then I only gave it 30 mins at lunch and little bit in the morning before it was time to get ready.

I am calling it quits on this pic. I’m not sure I like it. But is was good practice nonetheless. It is none directional.

Day 5 #100daychallenge

A non roadhouse work day. So I made time to draw this. I started with a apple maps screenshot, And traced it. I then doodled some ideas of flora I could put in the spaces. I also considered whether I want to pay attention to the state borders or national highways. In the end I considered that the only thing I should try to do is put the Waratah on the eastern side and the kangaroo pause on the western side and let everything else fall into place from there. I started with the three circular gum nuts.

The idea behind this piece is taken from a T-shirt my sister found of a fine line drawing of each of the states official flora superimposed on a map (with states). Part of the process of honing my current design series has been from a place of exploring what it means to be a non-indigenous Australian. How do I walk the line of respect for the indigenous people of Australia whilst still finding a place of inclusion for all people born in this precious land.

I fully expect tomorrow’s post to be far less impressive as I expect to be working incredibly hard cleaning something at work.