• #100dayschallenge

    The internet can be a place where we get sucked into the worm hole of procrastination and distraction, a time numbing warp of nothing much. It gets me more often than I’d like to admit. The internet can also be an inspiring place. Every year there is a non specific group of humans who commit […]

  • Merry Christmas 2020

  • Work can be artistically inspired

  • Finishing a journal

    It’s a good feeling when I get to the end of an art journal. This particular book was begun in 2017. I felt it was time to revisit watercolours and hone my skills a bit. Of course, I was easily distracted from such notions of practice and relapsed easily back into the safety and comfort […]

  • Practicing

    I’m on a mission to really hone my hand at Aussie flowers. Here we have a study of Waratah, banksia, nsw Christmas bush, kangaroo Paws and gum nuts.

  • Blue hand

    Taking inspiration from mandalas, zentangles, henna art and patterns that I have carried with me now for close to 20 , this ink and watercolour piece is as close to me having a green thumb as I can get.

  • Dragonfly

    gum leaves, aerial view of cattle walking to water, Waratahs and bark come together to support this dragonfly. Ink drawing with coloured pencil and alcohol markers.

  • Flora in Country

    An Alcohol marker piece pondering abstract patterns and more Australian flowers

  • Blooms and Paws

    An art journal entry, stylised Australian flora. Kangaroo Paws, gum nuts, gum blossoms, and gum leaves with wattle blossoms floating around the mid-ground. Alcohol markers on paper.

  • Storm bird