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  • Artistic achievements

    Some of the best achievements I can boast are also some of the most painful… Especially now that I live out bush. 3 of my Coptic markers gave up the ghost today leaving me with a disappointing incomplete graphic. But there is a small satisfaction in using a tool til it is finished. Like finishing […]

  • Moon set.

    iPad painting with reference photos to indicate my artistic honesty.

  • Horse

  • “Yeah! You can draw”

    It’s nice to be praised. But I happen to know that I’m not really that good at drawing horses. Nevertheless, requests are starting to come in and I’m practicing anyway. I think one thing that might make me improve is to begin using bigger paper. They say everything in the Northern Territory is bigger… In […]

  • It’s what you make of it.

    Going to the camp draft is what you make of it. There are those that might say it’s boring (as spectator sports go). There are those that only go the get absolutely sloshed. Here is what I made of it… An opportunity to be with my station mates and a chance to draw (them)…

  • A big globe

    I have camped out in the blue mountains. I have camped by the sea. But out on the flat lands at Yelvertoft and I imagine any station that is flat and wide, it’s different. On the horizon, I watched the sun dip down and the skies light up all colours. There was a bit of […]

  • Friday at Yelvertoft

    Disclaimer: This post will be written with my Sydney audience in mind… There are a surprising number of assumptions made on the part of both city and country folk and I am standing smack bang in between them. There are times even now where I forget that city folk just have no idea… I had […]

  • The good food dilemma

    There is always that difficult situation where your cooking is not just good, it’s too good. There is an increasing number of comments along the line of “oh dear, I’m going to have to go for a run after this…” As a cook, I like to know that my cooking is good enough to make […]

  • I ain’t never ate my crusts in school.

    So this week I have not brushed the lower part of my hair since washing and brushing it on Sunday evening. I’ve brushed along my scalp but not the part that gets plaited. And where bandanas were once a simple way of keeping short curly hair out of my face, they are now a way […]

  • Time flies when you’re having fun.

    My cousins baby is 2 months old… And I’ve been employed 2 months. This week has been a busy week on the station. There’s been a killer, there are horses being tamed and shoed. A water tank has been installed… All this while I’m doing the same thing I do… Making a foodie messes then […]