Category: life

  • Lace in the sky

    I like to float in the lake looking up into the sky. I watch the clouds, if any. I watch the trees move in the wind and I study to windy branches of the trees themselves. However the other day something sort of twinkled in the sky so I focused on it and saw a […]

  • Life in the country. And not in the city.

    So I got what I wanted. To live not in the city or suburbia. In Baulkham Hills, I was actually pretty lucky cos we live backed on to a “riparian corridor” which means a thin bit of bush… But it didn’t stop my desire to move away from the big smoke. I guess I kind […]

  • More flies

    They said the rain coming late is a good thing. One reason is less evaporation. Another reason is SANDFLIES! Yep they’ve got me good. I read on the all knowing internet that you can build a sort of immunity to them, that the first time your assaulted by them it’s likely to be a bit […]

  • What’s in my pockets?

    An iPhone with its music, time, timer, pound to gram converter app, wifi connection to my family, and audiobooks. Earphones to hear the cool music and audiobooks. (And if your lucky, one time when those plugs are in you might be able to sneak a view of me dancing in the kitchen or hear me […]

  • Grubb Fishing

    Little caterpillars are eating a tree and they have a silk anchor line so that if the fall they don’t have to start at the bottom of the tree they can simply pull themselves back to where they were. It looked like spiders had been grubb fishing in the night. The tree was one big […]

  • Swimming and a digital painting…

    I went swimming this weekend. I swam across the lake. Twice Ron used the scope on his gun and estimates the distance to the other side to be about 300m so I swam at least 600m which is not the 1km in the local 25m pool at Stanhope Leisure Centre. But neither is it that […]

  • Molly’s misadventure

    Molly traditionally is the dog that never travels in the car. Basil goes just about everywhere, Molly stays at the homestead. The other day she got into the back of a ute. She was having a great time, head blowing in the wind when she fell out! “Oh no! She’s a gonna for sure!” That’s […]

  • Multimedia.

    It’s been a week or so. I have fairly successfully weened myself off dvds and TV. I watch compulsory tv at brekky and dinner. I watch a bit more after lunch but it’s breakfast tv and like having the radio on… And I can’t be bothered watching the DVDs I brought with me. I always […]

  • If your happy and you know it, clap your hands

    If your making mash potato, make some more (clap, clap) If your making mash potato, make some more (clap, clap) Cos we really really like it and the spare will come in handy If your making mash potato, make some more (clap, clap)

  • Stars

    I’ve been a few places where the stars are magnificent like Lithgow or Mudgee, but none as bright as what I could see this morning at 5:20. Stars that meet the horizon. That’s amazing in my books.