Grubb Fishing


Little caterpillars are eating a tree and they have a silk anchor line so that if the fall they don’t have to start at the bottom of the tree they can simply pull themselves back to where they were.

It looked like spiders had been grubb fishing in the night.
The tree was one big web of twisted silk lines.

Swimming and a digital painting…


I went swimming this weekend. I swam across the lake. Twice

Ron used the scope on his gun and estimates the distance to the other side to be about 300m so I swam at least 600m which is not the 1km in the local 25m pool at Stanhope Leisure Centre. But neither is it that easy. There is no place to push off every 25m and I refuse to do freestyle in brown opaque water.

It took me under half an hour so my breaststroke/ backstroke can’t be that bad. I must of looked silly swimming over with my hat on but it’s too sunny not to have one on.

The water was quite warm on the top and cold underneath. And very deep.

And today while I was relaxing near the rocks I saw a lizard which I believe was a baby goanna.


Molly’s misadventure

Molly traditionally is the dog that never travels in the car. Basil goes just about everywhere, Molly stays at the homestead.

The other day she got into the back of a ute. She was having a great time, head blowing in the wind when she fell out!

“Oh no! She’s a gonna for sure!” That’s gotta be a broken leg. But not Molly.
That old dog has a fair bit of life in her yet. She picked herself up and walked back to the car.

That was on Tuesday. She was stiff and sore on Wednesday and stood at the fence barking instead of jumping the fence to see what Basil is up to. So we left a few gates open for her to get around a bit easier.
Up until this morning Molly has not put weight on her hind leg. She has tried. She could really run either but when I fed the horses this morning there she was RUNNING!!! And running on all 4 most of the time.

She seemed pretty pleased with herself and tried a bit harder when I cheered her on too.



It’s been a week or so.
I have fairly successfully weened myself off dvds and TV.
I watch compulsory tv at brekky and dinner. I watch a bit more after lunch but it’s breakfast tv and like having the radio on…
And I can’t be bothered watching the DVDs I brought with me. I always do something else.

I am not weened off Internet but if I was you guys would miss out.
But I’ve watched 3 YouTube vids since getting here, all recommended by others.
And I am mostly looking at Facebook, paperthumbtack, eBay and Sydney Morning Herald.

And I’m not playing video games either…

All my spare time is spent telling you stuff and drawing.

At this point I must say that the iPad and stylus’s have been an invaluable investment in increasing my ability to share with you creatively. Most pictures start as line drawings in my journal and then progress to iPad via the camera in the iPad (or iPhone) where I then use an app called procreate.
Here’s how:


The interesting thing is that each day there has been something to say…
I have a small list that I keep on my iPhone as back-up posts for if I don’t have anything to say… But I’ve not used many.
Eg of back posts: dinner bell; recipes.

There’s one recipe that has to go up now….

It’s the middle of the week…

Yesterday did not end how I wanted it too.

It was not helped by the lack of sleep the night before but I had a few culinary disasters with the evening meal which only I know about and left me cross with myself.

But a good night sleep works wonders. I set the imperfections of tuesday aside and considered wednesday a whole new day.

In this new day I went with Narda to see the river (the station keeps a log of how high the river is for BOM). The Georgina is 4.2 m high. This means that you can’t actually  go to the river, you can only go to the closest chanel to read the river level.

We drove along a ridge to the marker and I got to look out across the  landscape  at flooded channels. And now I get why this country is so good for cattle, and why it’s called channel country.

It truly is magnificent to see the sun shining on the flood waters early in the morning (7:45 am) and the beautiful green appearing out of the red dirt.

I can report that Yes! we are stuck in, and the veggie order and mail (thanks family) from Saturday arrived in the station plane this morning. So I have done a bunch of sorting in the cold room and we’re set for good food a while longer…. we had run out of tomatoes, carrots and were low on onions.

The rain has gone



Story time

Ha! There goes Molly leaping over the fence. “I win!” she pants, chasing after the noise.
Basil is not deterred. He sprints round to his little hole and quickly squeezes thru. In next to no time at all, he is by Molly’s side. “What is it?” He tilts his head and licks Molly’s chin.
Both dogs look on expectantly. Whatever it is they’re both ready to get it.

A See of Blue


This morning at 2:30 am it poured. Yep I was very awake. And at 4:00 it poured again. I was still awake and by this time up.
I got dressed and put my least favourite dust and boots shirt on: the ‘dark’ blue one.
We had another 7am brekky so the sky was a deep blue (like the storm clouds can be in Sydney.)IMG_0501
Then all the workers come in… And 8 out of 9 of us are all wearing blue shirts.
At this point I’d like to add that at least 6 out of 9 have of us also have blue eyes…

So last night we got 42 mm of rain… Which means in the past 6 days we have had ¾ of the yearly average.

The first and second days of autumn.

Today I did not much which was nice.
What I did do was drawing which you will now benefit from as I recount my adventure of yesterday:


Jess and Stace asked if I wanted to go look at the river yesterday afternoon. Of course I jumped at opportunity to see a bit more of the station.
So into Jess’s car I hoped and out to the main road we drove.

We made it to the Georgina… Which is represented in the iPad painting above. (Sorry guys my camera wasn’t in my pocket…) I’m pretty sure I have not heard water moving like that before and I grew up next to a creek… Sounded like dollopping bubbling running water.
The plan was then to go look at the Longreach river but we didn’t get far… down the road the flood way was still flooded so instead we got out and waded thru it to the next flood way. The girls took some pics of their own and back we went.

It was a good day…