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  • It’s the middle of the week…

    Yesterday did not end how I wanted it too. It was not helped by the lack of sleep the night before but I had a few culinary disasters with the evening meal which only I know about and left me cross with myself. But a good night sleep works wonders. I set the imperfections of […]

  • Story time

    Ha! There goes Molly leaping over the fence. “I win!” she pants, chasing after the noise. Basil is not deterred. He sprints round to his little hole and quickly squeezes thru. In next to no time at all, he is by Molly’s side. “What is it?” He tilts his head and licks Molly’s chin. Both […]

  • A See of Blue

    This morning at 2:30 am it poured. Yep I was very awake. And at 4:00 it poured again. I was still awake and by this time up. I got dressed and put my least favourite dust and boots shirt on: the ‘dark’ blue one. We had another 7am brekky so the sky was a deep […]

  • The first and second days of autumn.

    Today I did not much which was nice. What I did do was drawing which you will now benefit from as I recount my adventure of yesterday: Jess and Stace asked if I wanted to go look at the river yesterday afternoon. Of course I jumped at opportunity to see a bit more of the […]

  • One wet paddock.

    This is an attempt at a bit of humour. Now that I’ve finished the pic, I realise the fence post is way too high. But imagine a paddock so full of water you can enjoy a tinnie and a tyre ring on it.

  • Cotton crochet ball

    Made today. Decided I need to know how… Started learning yesterday afternoon, but was using black cotton which is not recommended. It would be about 3cm diameter. Update. I decided I can make a cat.

  • Nothing much to say

    I don’t have much I want to say today so enjoy my painting instead. I can report that the mail came on Wednesday and in it was a new pair of shorts.

  • Poo

    Yep its the topic for today. But before we get to it… Last night you readers will be happy to know that I slept well… (if you’re in to reading all my posts). Today I was looking at the clock and realised that I had been up for 6 hours and it’s only 10:30. Woo […]

  • Fi’s Gift

    I hand painted this Super Hero school for my good friend Fi who loves heroes. Shown here we have Superman Batman Captain Ameria Hulk Ironman Thor Me Fi