Story time

Ha! There goes Molly leaping over the fence. “I win!” she pants, chasing after the noise.
Basil is not deterred. He sprints round to his little hole and quickly squeezes thru. In next to no time at all, he is by Molly’s side. “What is it?” He tilts his head and licks Molly’s chin.
Both dogs look on expectantly. Whatever it is they’re both ready to get it.

A See of Blue


This morning at 2:30 am it poured. Yep I was very awake. And at 4:00 it poured again. I was still awake and by this time up.
I got dressed and put my least favourite dust and boots shirt on: the ‘dark’ blue one.
We had another 7am brekky so the sky was a deep blue (like the storm clouds can be in Sydney.)IMG_0501
Then all the workers come in… And 8 out of 9 of us are all wearing blue shirts.
At this point I’d like to add that at least 6 out of 9 have of us also have blue eyes…

So last night we got 42 mm of rain… Which means in the past 6 days we have had ¾ of the yearly average.

The first and second days of autumn.

Today I did not much which was nice.
What I did do was drawing which you will now benefit from as I recount my adventure of yesterday:


Jess and Stace asked if I wanted to go look at the river yesterday afternoon. Of course I jumped at opportunity to see a bit more of the station.
So into Jess’s car I hoped and out to the main road we drove.

We made it to the Georgina… Which is represented in the iPad painting above. (Sorry guys my camera wasn’t in my pocket…) I’m pretty sure I have not heard water moving like that before and I grew up next to a creek… Sounded like dollopping bubbling running water.
The plan was then to go look at the Longreach river but we didn’t get far… down the road the flood way was still flooded so instead we got out and waded thru it to the next flood way. The girls took some pics of their own and back we went.

It was a good day…


Yep its the topic for today. But before we get to it…

Last night you readers will be happy to know that I slept well… (if you’re in to reading all my posts).

Today I was looking at the clock and realised that I had been up for 6 hours and it’s only 10:30. Woo Hoo

And there I am running round the kitchen with a big grin on my face for no particular reason. That new son on the radio by Pharrell Williams is a good song.

And now to topic for today.

I was thinking the yesterday afternoon, and no it did not hurt. And by thinking I actually like to describe it as talking in my head with the understanding that there is in fact an audience.

And I came to the realisation that I am no longer a professional bum-wiper. I am not a disability support worker. I do not have to see other peoples private parts on a daily basis. And this is good (for me).

I irony is I’m actually in contact with more poo than when I was a caseworker. It’s just changed to cow poo instead and I’m mostly not handling it with my own hands. Let’s face it them poddies definitely  are able to open their bowels… anywhere they please.

Anyway the other part to this small revelation came at dinner time. Yeah the TV is on but the conversation was lively last night and we talked about water levels, weather, work, horses, who’s moved where, and movies. No poo. No yakking about the need to fix things for the less able and no talk about not having a good paying job.

And can I also say cow poo is an odour one can live with. Human poo esp the stuff I was dealing with last year is unbearably more stinky by comparison.

I’m a Station Cook!

Water systems for when there is not much on the land but plenty under it.
Water systems for when there is not much on the land but plenty under it.

I drew this yesterday. It is a stylised  interpretation of a water bore, windmill and turkey nest (mini dam).