Finishing a journal

It’s a good feeling when I get to the end of an art journal.
This particular book was begun in 2017. I felt it was time to revisit watercolours and hone my skills a bit.
Of course, I was easily distracted from such notions of practice and relapsed easily back into the safety and comfort of Alcohol markers. Nevertheless I managed to finish this book and had some fun with the final page.

PLEASE join me over here:

Welcome back to paperthumbtack just briefly while I invite you all my subscribers over to my new life-sharing blog.

After about 12 month of consideration, lack of work and generally being busy getting married, I have felt it time to change up my online presence. Exit instagram, Facebook and other corporation controlled social media here. will continue to be active however, it will revert to its original intended function which was a place to digitally thumbtack paper artwork to the wall that I’m proud of making.

(That’s a messy sentence I can’t see how to fix just now, but I feel that’s more an indication of why Im keen to make this change: I need to practice my words more.)

My fascination with paper and pens/colours has stayed with me my whole life. So it’s time to give it pride if place, a wall of its own to shine or otherwise as the case may be.

I will begin tidying up the previous materials you have enjoyed engaging with in the coming days, weeks and months. But do not despair; I am not deleting precious stories and memories.

Thanks to the skilled people listed over on UpWork, Dad and I were able to hire a website technician to help move all of my previous blog posts here over to my new-ish page more suitably called

Because I live on a farm and kinda have lived with my boots on for 13 years and a hat on for about 7 years. So it seemed kinda fitting to have that as a place to blog about station life, cattle and sheep, sunsets and cooking. You will find the 6 or so years of my life gone bush. And going forward you will discover with me my journey as part of a two-man team now that Parker and I are “hitched”.

So please feel free to head on over there and save/subscribe/bookmark the new spot to stay up-to-date with my public news.