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  • Market

    I had a stall at my first market today: The Toodyay Farmers Market. It was quiet for crowds.

  • Day 23

    Pull out a beautiful photo of Nola and played round for 30 mins of drawing: Definitely got some work to do but it’s all good practice. In the evening I made a repeating pattern

  • Day 22

    A day for sewing. I made another tunic. This one is for my niece. It is yellow and pink with plenty of lovely patterns and features her favourite animal owls. I have included with this tunic a pink sash made out of the cut off bottom of the shirt, and a double sided bandana.

  • Day 21

    A package arrived yesterday that I didn’t even see until this afternoon. I had work this morning. Early. So I was in bed before this even showed up on my sewing table. 5 + 1 fabrics for another tunic. It’s not easy picking fabrics for a cohesive project online. Particularly when they are not from […]

  • Day 20

    A Friday at work. I raced About cleaning things. Deep cleaning things. Putting other things away. In the chaos, I pause for a break and shove food in my mouth and finis this:

  • Day 19 #100daychallenge

    Day 19… pushing my self to draw when don’t want to do it, relaxing into it a bit and then enjoying the process, even though the final is a tad off (in my opinion). Used poscas, polychromos, and fineliners on A4 ranger book.

  • Day 17 #100daychallenge

  • Day 16 #100daychallenge

    Go to work and chase my tail all day, come home exhausted and dehydrated and sore and possibly a tad under the weather at this point. So in the 10 minutes I had to give: I decided Geraldton Wax is on the wallaby’s tail.

  • Day 15 #100daychallenge

    Today I spent time sewing with my youngest sister. I finished 22 masks that will be distributed to other family members. It was pleasing to see myself getting more efficient at sewing the components together.

  • Day 14 #100daychallenge

    Packed up a picnic box full of my favourite art supplies and a sandwich each for myself and the farmer and headed to the big dam on the other property for the day.

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